Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An update from Stage 3 : Sumanth's sense of humour is intact

Tuesday 8 March 2011, Stage 3: 

Anders Jensen (29) of Denmark is the first competitor to clear Checkpoint 2 with Martin Chinchilla (24) of Chile through just 2 minutes later. They left the checkpoint together. Anders told us that, "The terrain is not too bad, but I can still feel yesterday." 
The next three competitors came in together at 10:18 and they were Matias Anguita (38) of Chile, Darren Nichols (37) of Canada and Ian Holdcroft (36) of the UK. Meanwhile the final competitor has just arrived at Checkpoint 1 Kumi Murakami of Japan. Diego Carvajal (28)of the UK is the only other competitor at the checkpoint, undertaking some fancy taping work on his feet.
 As other competitors had passed through they shared their thoughts. Amongst them, was Andy Shephard (48) South Africa in 86th place. He said that he'd enjoyed the last 5 kilometers but not the first 5. 

Sumanth Cidambi (40) of India quipped that, "I know what Tuco from The Good, The Bad, The Ugly felt like when Blondie cut him loose and made him walk to town across the desert, especially that last section!" He was delighted when he found out he came in 55th place - way ahead of his finishing place the day before. 

Finally Franciscio Ferrer (39) of Chile is celebrating his 14th anniversary today. It is the second year in a row that he is at the Atacama Crossing for his anniversary. Apparently his wife is not very happy but understands!


I am feeling elated that Sumanth is making such good time on Day 3, and relieved that he is sounding much better than he did the last two days and his sense of humour is intact despite the harsh conditions and the back breaking run! Godspeed, dear husband!

[The update was originally published on the 4deserts website, here.]

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